27. "He Is Not Here, For He Is Risen"

Witnesses of the Resurrected Lord

"The Doctrine of the Resurrection As Taught in the Book of Mormon," Robert J. Matthews, BYU Studies, Vol. 30, no. 3
The Book of Mormon adds an enormous amount to our understanding of the realities, purposes, and processes of the Resurrection. It is one of the greatest gifts of God to all mankind. And as Alma teaches his son Corianton, God's mercy consists in giving people time to repent in preparation for the day of final judgement and resurrection.

"Jesus Christ: Resurrection of Jesus Christ," Tad R. Callister, Encyclopedia of Mormonism
Members of the Church believe that Christ's resurrection was literal and physical. "His resurrected body was not subject to pain, disease, or death. It could pass through walls; it could defy the earthly laws of gravity; but it was a tangible 'glorious body' (Phil. 3:21) composed of flesh and bones." The Bible and Book of Mormon contain numerous accounts of people who saw and conversed with Jesus after his death, including the Nephites, who "did see with their eyes and did feel with their hands, and did know of a surety…that it was he" (3 Ne. 11:15).

"Four Perspectives on the Trial and Resurrection of Jesus," John W. Welch, BYU New Testament Commentary, April 2014
"Central to any interpretation of the New Testament is an understanding of the trial and resurrection of Jesus…everything in Christianity turns on how one views these critical events." Each of the four Gospels emphasizes different aspects of this momentous occasion, brining to light spiritual and historical context. Their words help readers understand "Jesus being lifted up that he might draw all people up unto him (John 12:32), that where he is, his followers may eventually be also, and that whither he went, they may truly know the way that leads to life eternal (John 14:4-5; 17:3)."