I learned so many aspects of editing —like how to source check, copy edit, and use Quark. I also enjoyed learning the publication process for books and the journal.

—Julie Duncan, web editor

BYU Studies works on some of the mostinteresting publication projects on campus. The workplace atmosphere is fun!

—Caitlin Shirts, JFSI editor

I’m using my education and BYU Studies experience in my current editing position. It was nice to have a student job I actually liked.

—Alison Kitchen, editor for the Church

The objective of the BYU Studies internship is to give students an experience in scholarly editing. When students are involved in the process of editing and publication, they learn writing and analytical skills as well as editing. Former interns have found work editing projects ranging from textbooks to cookbooks, and students universally report that the internship was a valuable mentored experience. Interns check facts and footnotes, perform basic copy edits, and help prepare the articles for publication; they may be asked to help select photographs or charts to be included and write captions. Since interns are working on articles written by professors, their work is closely supervised by the editorial staff of BYU Studies.

Internship Types
ELang 430R Internship ELang 399R Internship Hist 399R Internship Paid Internship About BYU Studies

Occasionally, one section of ELang 430R is reserved for interns at BYU Studies. Please check with Professor Doris Dant for information.

ELang 430R: Editing for Publication 

Students enrolled in Doris Dant’s section of ELang 430R can become BYU Studies interns. Interns assist full-time editors in all areas of publication to prepare books and the BYU Studies journal for publication.The internship is divided into two parts: Internship Class and Publishing Projects.

Internship Class Curriculum

The internship class meets twice a week and will focus on refining editing skills and looking at publishing beyond pen-and-paper editing. Topics covered include:

  • Printing—paper types, various printing methods
  • Press trip to see in-depth how printing works
  • Book marketing—effects on editing and selling publications
  • Captions—writing and editing
  • Publication layouts—designing and refining
  • Fact research—source checking and documentation editing
  • Tables and Indexes—creating, designing, and editing
  • Permissions—requesting and obtaining for graphics and other copyrighted material
  • Authors—working with and negotiating changes
  • Management of publication projects
Publishing Projects

Interns apply thier editing skills to real-life, to-be-published projects. Publishing projects may include:

  • Editing manuscripts—ranging from light copy edits to substantive edits
  • Proofing manuscripts—verifying accuracy at all stages of publishing process
  • Checking sources and facts—verifying research accuracy
  • Formatting documents—designing, copy fitting, preparing for press
Academic Internship

BYU Studies offers internships as ELang 399R or History 199R or 496R. We ask that students complete English Language 350 before applying for the internship. We currently select only about three student interns per semester. Students should apply to Jennifer Hurlbut at

ELang 399R: Editing Internship

Students who have previously taken ELang 430R for credit (either with BYU Studies or another section) are encouraged to intern for ELang 399R credit (1 to 3 credits). First-semester ELang 399R students will work on similar projects as ELang 430 students and will be trained on theBYU Studies publication processes. Second-semester BYU Studies interns have the opportunity to work one on one with a full-time editor for the entire semester and to mentor new interns.

Applicants interested in taking the internship for ELang 399R credit must:

  • have a GPA of a least 3.5
  • take the open-book editing test
  • provide an editing resume

At the time of application, you will be given a short article to edit. We will provide you with a copy of the Chicago Manual of Style, the Church Style Guide, and the BYU Studies Style Guide. Please bring a resume with you when you come to take the test.

Hist 199R or 496R: History Internship

History interns will focus on research and source checking of special projects. Those interested in editing can receive training.

Paid Internships

Students who have completed one semester of internship credit may apply for a paid internship. BYU Studies offers a limited number of paid positions to students. Paid positions are not available for first-semester interns.

About BYU Studies 

BYU Studies, a quarterly journal dedicated to the conviction that the spiritual and intellectual can be harmonious avenues of knowledge, has published Latter-day Saint perspectives on scholarly topics for 40 years. Issues contain articles on cutting-edge topics, poems, essays, and art and book reviews. Our authors are typically professors and professional scholars.