The Temple: Articles from BYU Studies and the Encyclopedia of Mormonism

The Temple: Articles from BYU Studies and the Encyclopedia of Mormonism

This compilation of articles on the temple doctrines and ordinances is selected from over fifty years of LDS scholarship published by BYU Studies and from the Encyclopedia of Mormonism. This volume features articles on Nauvoo temple doctrines, the law of adoption, the 1877 commencement of endowments and sealings for the dead, prayer circles, and temple elements in ancient religious communities.


“Doctrine and the Temple in Nauvoo” by Larry C. Porter and Milton V. Backman Jr.

“The Practice of Rebaptism at Nauvoo” by D. Michael Quinn

“The Law of Adoption: One Phase of the Development of the Mormon Concept of Salvation, 1830–1900” by Gordon Irving

“Believing Adoption” by Samuel M. Brown

“‘Line upon Line, Precept upon Precept’: Reflections on the 1877 Commencement of the Performance of Endowments and Sealings of the Dead” by Richard E. Bennett

“‘Which Is the Wisest Course?’: The Transformation in Mormon Temple Consciousness, 1870–1898” by Richard E. Bennett

“Latter-day Saint Prayer Circles” by D. Michael Quinn

“Temple Worship and a Possible Reference to a Prayer Circle in Psalm 24” by Donald W. Parry

“Clothed Upon: A Unique Aspect of Christian Antiquity” by Blake T. Ostler

“Temple Elements in Ancient Religious Communities” by Brent J. Schmidt

“Meanings and Functions of Temples” by Hugh W. Nibley

“Latter-Day Saint Temple Worship and Activity” by Immo Luschin

“Temple Recommend” by Robert A. Tucker

“Temple President and Matron” by David H. Yarn Jr. and Marilyn S. Yarn

“Administration of Temples” by Robert L. Simpson

“Salvation of the Dead” by Elma Fugal

“Family History, Genealogy” by David H. Pratt

“Temple Ordinances” by Allen Claire Rozsa

“Baptism for the Dead: LDS Practice” by H. David Burton

“Baptism for the Dead: Ancient Sources” by Krister Stendahl

“Washings and Anointings” by Donald W. Parry

“Endowment” by Alma P. Burton

“Prayer Circle” by George S. Tate

“Garments” by Evelyn T. Marshall

“Sealing Power” by David H. Yarn Jr.

“Temple Sealings” by Paul V. Hyer

“Eternal Marriage” by James T. Duke

“Patriarchal Order of the Priesthood” by Lynn A. McKinlay

“Born in the Covenant” by Ralph L. Cottrell Jr.

“Holy of Holies” by Lyle Cahoon

“Altar” by Bruce H. Porter

“LDS Temple Dedications” by D. Arthur Haycock

“Hosanna Shout” by Lael J. Woodbury

“Temples through the Ages” by Stephen D. Ricks

“History of LDS Temples from 1831 to 1990” by Richard O. Cowan

“Kirtland Temple” by Keith W. Perkins

“Nauvoo Temple” by Don F. Colvin

“Salt Lake Temple” by Marion Duff Hanks

“Endowment Houses” by Lamar C. Berrett

“Freemasonry and the Temple” by Kenneth W. Godfrey