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Holy Week: Easter Sunday

Holy Week: Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is the culmination of all of the events of the past week. Without the return of the resurrected Christ, the previous week would have meant nothing (Matthew 28:1-10). The resources below focus on the resurrected Christ and what His appearance means for the world.

Special Witnesses of Christ: Videos
The First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles present short videos of themselves in holy places, bearing testimony of Christ. Some videos are from the series created in 2000 and some are new. 

“The Atonement and the Resurrection,” D. Todd Christofferson, Religious Educator
Elder Christofferson imagines being with the Savior through his sacrifice and resurrection. From a talk at BYU Easter Conference, March 26, 2005. 

“Easter or Resurrection Sunday,” Eric Huntsman, blog
For those closest to Christ, the pain and grief and separation suddenly melted away in the joy of the first Easter. 

“What Does the Book of Mormon Teach Us about the Resurrection?” Book of Mormon Central, video and text
The Book of Mormon teaches Christ’s Resurrection as the way in which humanity can overcome our spiritual and physical deaths that were brought about the Fall and our own transgressions, and return to the presence of God to be judged, in our bodies, according to our thoughts, words, and deeds. The Book of Mormon and Bible together clarify that everyone will be resurrected.