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Holy Week: Wednesday

Holy Week: Wednesday

On the last Wednesday of Christ’s life, he spent his time teaching. Below are resources that delve further into his prophecies and his teachings. 

“Jesus is Anointed (Mark 14:1-11),” by Julie M. Smith, from The Gospel According to Mark. 
The anointing story is the narrative bridge between Jesus’ life and death; it is both the last story relating events from the daily life and the first part of the story of his death. It is the hinge between the accounts of his life and his death; its location in the text mirrors its theological function since the anointing story explores the link between Jesus’ life and death.

“Seven Versions of Jesus’ Prophecy on the Mount of Olives,” by S. Kent Brown, BYU New Testament Commentary. 
Looks at seven versions (three Gospels, three JST versions, and JS-Matthew) of the prophecy. Mark’s Gospel includes the story of the poor widow’s two mites placed interestingly before the sermon about the fate of Jerusalem. 

“Wednesday,” by Eric Huntsman, blog. 
The Gospel of Mark allows three events on Wednesday: the plot of the Jewish leadership against Jesus, the story of an unnamed woman in Bethany anointing Jesus’ head, and Judas’ decision to betray Jesus.