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Holy Week: Tuesday

Holy Week: Tuesday

On the second day of Holy Week, Christ was found teaching in Jerusalem (Matthew 21–23). He taught by the temple and his apostles and authorities tried to understand Christ’s words. Below are further resources on Christ’s teachings from the last week of His mortal ministry. 

“The Question of Authority and Jesus’s Parable of the Two Sons in Matthew 21,” by John W. Welch, BYU New Testament Commentary
Several significant points are embedded in this instructive story as this parable takes the question of authority into divine realms. Involved here is no ordinary father, no ordinary vineyard, or any ordinary pair of sons. 

“A Warning to the Jews (Matt. 23),” Richard D. Draper, BYU New Testament Commentary
The revelation that flowed on Tuesday, two days after the triumphal entry, was mostly startling, and some of it was frightening. 

“Tuesday,” by Eric Huntsman, blog
Jesus taught again in the temple, and the authorities attempted to catch Jesus in his words.