Reclaiming Reality: Doctoring and Discipleship in a Hyperconnected Age

Volume 57:3 (2018)
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Reclaiming Reality: Doctoring and Discipleship in a Hyperconnected Age

Author Tyler Johnson

The author—a husband, father, and medical oncologist—is an avid user of the latest technology, and yet he recognizes how it is changing him from the inside out. He describes “virtual doctoring,” which is reliance on the internet to stay abreast of the enormous, ever-changing body of medical literature. But he also worries that the internet is pulling him away from his patients. And the perils don’t just affect his doctoring. He worries that technology profoundly affects other aspects of his Christian discipleship. Studies show that the internet affects the way people interact with each other, the way they feel, and the way they think. The internet may be robbing an entire generation of its ability to think deeply, to feel deeply, and to develop meaningful personal relationships. Ironically, our hyperconnected world has rendered us less present, and the virtual world of limitless information can make us less able to identify truth. The author calls for us to reclaim a reality beyond the virtual reality of a technological mirage.