New Testament Renditions: The Epistle to the Ephesians: A New Rendition

New Testament Renditions: The Epistle to the Ephesians: A New Rendition

Author Philip Abbot

The New Rendition of the epistle to the Ephesians provides a modern English translation of the letter’s Greek text. It is excerpted from the forthcoming volume on Ephesians by S. Kent Brown. This Rendition was created by Philip Abbot.

The matchless, quiet Epistle to the Ephesians allows glimpses into the tides of Christian life in Asia Minor, modern western Turkey. More than this, from this letter we gain clear views of the premortal council that set events on this earth in motion, of the Savior’s descent into the spirit prison to release its captive souls, of the firm foundation of apostles and prophets that undergirds the church, and of the armor of God that protects a believer from the wiles of the devil. The New Rendition, sensitive to meanings that carry significance for Latter-day Saints, offers a fresh look at eternal truths draped in the letter’s worshipful dress.

This Rendition is part of the BYU New Testament Commentary series. This scholarly project aims to create a faithful modern English translation together with a full, in-depth, carefully researched Latter-day Saint commentary for each book on the New Testament. More of the New Rendition and commentary volumes will be added in coming months and years. As of 2019, volumes have been published on Mark, Luke, First Corinthians, and Revelation.