As for Me and My House

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As for Me and My House
Author Emma Lou Thayne
Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1989

As for Me and My House

Reviewer Lowell L. Bennion

A more accurate title for this interesting book would be its subtitle, Meditations on Living and Loving. The primary emphasis is not on the house or housekeeping but on the people who lived in the house and on their relationships.

Emma Lou's mother, Grace Richards Warner, was a meticulous housekeeper who trained her only daughter well and without a distaste for cleaning, dusting, and washing. Housekeeping in fact has been a pleasure to the author throughout the years but not a major preoccupation. She learned from her mother to do things well, to clean up the kitchen as she prepared dinner, to drop everything to meet a crisis in the house, and to do the dishes after the party, no matter what the hour or state of fatigue.

The reader will not find in this book any systematic guides to housekeeping or homemaking. The book is a collection of sixteen short essays on living that grew out of family experience. They are stimulating, authentic, born of reflection on what is important in life. References to the house are there to illustrate human values.