By Grace Are We Saved

By Grace Are We Saved
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By Grace Are We Saved
Author Robert L. Millet
Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1989

By Grace Are We Saved

Reviewer Joseph B. Romney

Few subjects are more significant than that addressed by this book. Anyone who makes a serious attempt to deal with salvation and grace is to be praised. The preface, introduction, and closing testimony clearly express the author's "appreciation for our Lord and for what he has done for mankind" (3) and declare that "because of him, our minds are at peace. Our souls may rest" (111). These quotations provide the theme of the book.

The introduction describes an unsettling encounter between the author and a young lady who failed to appreciate the role of the Savior in the process of repentance. In that encounter, Millet tried to make her understand the significance of Christ in her quest for salvation. The book seems to be an extension of the series of interviews with her and is best understood as the author's personal testimony that the grace of Christ is an essential component of our eternal progress.