First Vision

A More Complete History of Joseph Smith’s First Vision

A More Complete History of Joseph Smith’s First Vision

As you study the First Vision, you’ll see that recent publications draw from several First Vision accounts, not only the one in Joseph Smith–History. Read the accounts at “Primary Accounts of Joseph Smith’s First Vision of Deity,” which includes Joseph’s four main accounts as well as those by five other men.  

Saints, Volume 1: The Standard of Truth presents the First Vision in chapters 1 and 2. Joseph worries about his soul, admires the order of the heavens and beauty of the earth, and hears a minister quote from James 1:5. Joseph sees hosts of angels in addition to the Father and Son. 

The new movie Ask of God: Joseph Smith’s First Vision in Faith includes details such as that when the dark power seizes him, it fills his mind “with doubts and all manner of inappropriate images.” And Jesus identifies himself as the Lord of glory, who was crucified for the world. 

The book Opening the Heavens: Accounts of Divine Manifestations, 1820-1844, ed. John W. Welch, offers two chapters that discuss the nine primary accounts and include easy-to-read charts, showing which accounts contained each element of the history. The download linked below on the First Vision contains both chapters, work by Dean C. Jessee, James B. Allen, and John W. Welch. 

We hope these resources will enhance your study of the First Vision.