The Book of Mormon as Literature

The Book of Mormon as Literature

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This compilation of groundbreaking Book of Mormon articles is selected from over fifty years of LDS scholarship published by BYU Studies. This volume features articles that look at literary aspects of the Book of Mormon, including a lyric reading of Nephi's psalm, the exodus pattern and Moses typology in the book, the literary context that affected its acceptance in England in 1837, a comparison of the Book of Mormon with the Narrative of Zosimus, and even an analysis of the book's purported verbosity.


"The Book of Mormon in the English Literary Context of 1837"
Gordon K. Thomas

"The Psalm of Nephi: A Lyric Reading"
Steven P. Sondrup

"The Exodus Pattern in the Book of Mormon"
S. Kent Brown

"The Israelite Background of Moses Typology in the Book of Mormon"
Noel B. Reynolds

"The Throne-Theophany and Prophetic Commission in 1 Nephi: A Form-Critical Analysis"
Blake T. Ostler

"The Treaty/Covenant Pattern in King Benjamin's Address (Mosiah 1–6)"
Stephen D. Ricks

"The Narrative of Zosimus and the Book of Mormon"
John W. Welch

"More Than Meets the Eye: Concentration of the Book of Mormon"
Steven C. Walker

"Taste and Feast: Images of Eating and Drinking in the Book of Mormon"
Richard Dilworth Rust

"The 'Perfect Pattern': The Book of Mormon as a Model for the Writing of Sacred History"
Eric C. Olson