Autobiography of Jane Elizabeth Manning James

Volume 57:4 (2018)
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Autobiography of Jane Elizabeth Manning James

Editor James Goldberg Editor Veronica Anderson

The short autobiography of Jane Manning James gives us a snapshot of the incredible life of one of the first black members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. During her nearly seven decades of Church membership, Jane Manning James lived in the homes of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, survived the 1850 cricket crisis, and was baptized for ancestors in the Salt Lake temple after its dedication. She also raised ten children, helped her neighbors through difficult times, and shared her testimony of the gospel. Though she had experienced many different kinds of trials in her life, her faith remained strong. To expose readers to James’s own words about her life, this article features a transcript of her autobiography, which she dictated to Elizabeth J. D. Roundy around 1900.