Volume 53:1 (2014)

Volume 53:1 (2014)
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Volume 53:1 (2014)

Leading off this issue are three articles from a conference on Enoch and the temple that was cosponsored by BYU Studies in February 2013 at Utah State University and BYU. George Nickelsburg, a world-renowned biblical scholar, identifies much temple content in the book of 1 Enoch: Enoch's commissioning and ascension into the heavenly sanctuary. David Larsen discusses ancient sources regarding a community ascending to heaven as a group. Jeffrey M. Bradshaw shows what ties together the stories about Adam, Eve, Enoch, and Noah in the Book of Moses. The answer, unexpectedly, has to do again with temple motifs, all of which culminate with Enoch in Moses 6-7. The original presentations can be viewed at http://www.templestudies.org/home/2013-enoch-and-the-temple-conference/conference-videos/.

Mauro Properzi statistically analyzes 344 printed articles about Mitt Romney, the Mormons, and the Mormon Moment in Italy during 2012. Then, the team of Sloan, Merrill, and Merrill has assembled biostatistical data about gender ratios in various LDS age groups in seven regions around the world, wondering at what ages females outnumber males in the Church, and how that ratio compares with the world's male:female ratio. An article by Lynn D. Wardle, a widely known family law scholar, presents for the first time a comprehensive history of statements by LDS Church leaders about elective abortion and shows how the message has been united, consistent, kind, and reasoned.

This issue also contains a large number of reviews of significant scholarly books, a play, and a movie of particular interest to Latter-day Saints.

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John W. Welch
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George W. E. Nickelsburg
ArticlePg. 7
Dixie L. Partridge
PoetryPg. 74
Lance E. Larsen
PoetryPg. 106
Arielle A. Sloan
Ray M. Merrill
J. Grant Merrill
ArticlePg. 141
M. Scott Bradshaw
Book ReviewPg. 168
Jeffrey R. Chadwick
Book ReviewPg. 183
John Stohlton
Book ReviewPg. 190
Eric Samuelsen
Film and Theater ReviewPg. 213
Callie Oppedisano
Film and Theater ReviewPg. 216
Ben Phelan
Film and Theater ReviewPg. 220