Volume 48:2 (2009)

Volume 48:2 (2009)
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Volume 48:2 (2009)

This issue of BYU Studies contains articles on a variety of topics. Theologians David L. Paulsen and Clark H. Pinnock discuss the nature of God and the philosophical problems of evil.

Since understanding often comes by comparing two things, new insight into the gospel of Jesus Christ comes as readers compare and contrast the two systems of belief discussed in this article.

Brian Cannon tells how Benjamin Cluff Jr., BYU's almost-forgotten third president, made a significant impact on the university by expanding the faculty, raising academic standards, and helping the academy transition from a secondary school to a degree-conferring institution.

Travis Anderson suggests in "Artistry and Aesthetics in Contemporary Mormon and Iranian Film" that if we Latter-day Saints were to judge our own movies against standout Iranian films, with reference either to their artistic quality or to their spiritual profundity, many of us would no doubt begin to wonder if the best "Mormon" feature films aren't being made today by Muslims in Iran.

From 1866 to 1869, Eliza R. Snow corresponded about polygamy and health with a prominent physician in the eastern U.S. These letters are here published for the first time, with commentary by Jill Mulvay Derr and Matthew Grow.

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