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Author Bentley Snow

The author of this essay uses details of his visit to Egypt to chronicle the change in his own heart as he became acquainted with both individual Muslims and their beliefs. From being a total stranger who considered Muslims as “Other,” Snow comes to see the goodness in this people, the sincerity of their beliefs, and how their goodness moved him closer to his God.

“After Islam [their guide] finished the last of the ritual words, his hands and forehead pressed deep into the carpet, he went silent, and it was just each of us and God understanding. After I had offered a little more of my power, my dignity, and my authority, I prayed for Islam: that he would find all of the light. It didn’t occur to me then, but I wonder now if he might have prayed the same for me. And I wonder, if we both did, how much else really matters, how much else really will, on the day all things shall fail but one.”