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Giving to BYU Studies

A Gift to BYU Studies

Thank you for considering a gift to support BYU Studies, widely recognized as the flagship academic journal in Mormon studies.

How Your Donation Helps

Making a financial contribution can dramatically enhance our ability to continue publishing cutting-edge scholarship for the Latter-day Saint audience and all readers interested in academic research and Mormon studies. While subscription fees, book revenues, and university support cover many of our expenses, gifts from our supportive friends are essential in enabling us to have a much needed broader reach. Financial contributions help fund priorities such as:

  • website development and enhancement,
  • graduate student post-doctoral internships,
  • and many exciting projects that are the hallmark of our nearly 60-year tradition.

Donated funds are sacred and used wisely. Absolutely 100% of your contribution goes directly to helping fund BYU Studies projects.

A gift to BYU Studies helps ensure that faithful and academically rigorous scholarship will continue making many needed contributions to the LDS community.

More Ways To Give

Checks can be mailed, payable to BYU Studies to:
Attn: Matthew Christensen
BYU Studies
Brigham Young University
1063 JFSB
Provo, Utah 84602

Under certain conditions, we can also accept gifts of stock, bonds, real estate, and other personal property. Some methods of giving, such as charitable remained trusts, also return a lifetime income to the donor. For more information contact Matthew Christensen at 801-422-9151 or

To explore the variety of ways of making a gift, and learn more about tax implications, please visit the LDS Philanthropies website. Professional advisors can also find extensive technical support at the LDS Philanthropies Planned Giving Center.

NOTE: LDS Philanthropies is the organization which coordinates and facilitates philanthropic gifts to Brigham Young University and other entities of owned or sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. LDS Philanthropies, which does not keep any donations, is a department in the Presiding Bishoprics Office and is tasked with processing charitable gifts for the Church’s interests. Matthew Christensen is the LDS Philanthropies representative for BYU Studies.