Fine, Thanks

Volume 57:4 (2018)
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Fine, Thanks

Author Darlene Young

This essay explores the challenges of living with a chronic illness. From describing patronizing doctors to worrying about being seen as “needy,” the author examines various aspects of life as an “invalid,” someone who is “not valid,” or at least not as valid as her more healthy friends and family members. Darlene Young discusses two sides of faith: Is it the confidence to be healed or the trust to accept her illness as God’s will? She wonders why some priesthood blessings work and some don’t. Being released from a Church calling because of her illness was a conundrum—her illness made serving difficult, but she also felt that God gave her the strength to serve faithfully. Her conclusion is that God is there, walking with her, giving her enough help, moment by moment, to get her through her whole journey. This essay won second place in the 2018 Richard H. Cracroft Personal Essay Contest.